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Friday, September 7, 2012

◆ Old Levis SilverTab Jeans Poster and Brad Pitt TV Commercial ◆

Hi folks,

SilverTab Jeans 1991 poster buy levis jeans for sale where to findWell it's Friday today!! And I just happened to find a really old SilverTab Jeans poster from 1991 and wanted to share that with you. It's a really nice looking one too!

It's from County Seat, The Jeans Store and the advertisement is showing a guy posing in Silver Tab Jeans (trying to send you the message that blue jeans silver tab jeans are great looking and you must go and buy levis jeans right now..)

It's a nice Silvertab Jeans poster don't you think?

Now I did mention this print is from 1991, making it pretty old (over 22 years when 2013 comes along in a few months from now). However there was more going on in 1991 than I could remember.. Well it just so happens that in 1991, big movie star Brad Pitt also did a Levi's Jeans commercial on TV jeans for men. This commercial I do remember now when looking at it. Please do watch this because it's pretty good too. It starts off with Brad Pitt not wearing any levi jeans at all! Of course it ends with him putting some blue levis jeans on again but I thought you wanted to know.

It's funny how you remember things like this.. Something you briefly I saw on TV over 20 years ago sparks a light in you're head and you go oh I remember this one! Oh and in case someone wants to know what song is playing in this Levi's Jeans Commercial it's a song called T-rex - 20th centruy boy. Wonder if T-rex also wear levi jeans?

Well gotta run, have a nice weekend folks and enjoy this nice little piece of Levi's Jeans history. Check and see about jeans for women also.

Can't see them here, what levis jeans are you looking for?

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