If you want to look good there is only one way to go. Get levi jeans, the silver tab jeans have been around for some time now however more and more people have a difficult time finding them. Some places only have limited size silver tab jeans or color, or brand jeans for that matter. So many have started to ask, are these levi jeans discontinued? Where to buy silver tab jeans ?

Don't worry I will help you buy jeans and also help you to find and buy silver tab jeans !

Sunday, June 24, 2012

◆ Brand Jeans - Men's Silver Tab Jeans 32x34 Light Gray Boot Cut ◆

Hi folks,

It's in the middle of the summer June 2012 and guess what I found :) A pair of very nice looking Silver Tab Jeans on display, yay!

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Front and Back Light Gray Silver Tab Jeans Brand Jeans - Levis Jeans
I found these levis jeans here and not only that, they are the real thing too, some old levi's silver tab jeans are hard to come by these days, so this find made me extra happy. Now they do have some wear but it's nothing that anyone would notice, you would have to look pretty close to even spot the wear on these levis jeans and when worn it's almost impossible.

Anyhow I guess you can already tell that this pair is light gray in color looking at the picture, also made a video displaying these. But look at the picture instead because it's of higher resolution. I'm not sure what other name these levis jeans go by other than light gray silver tab jeans but they do look a lot like the Vintage Worn Silver Tab Jeans that I made a post about earlier. If you're looking for to buy jeans that look like these light gray silver tab jeans then you should check out the Vintage Worn Silver Tab Jeans also.

Oh I almost forgot to mention the size of these silver tab jeans on display. These silver tab brand jeans are of regular size 32x34 and they are boot cut too.

These silver tab jeans don't have any of the fabric like scratch marks that you can find today on many brand jeans so if you're looking for to buy jeans these light gray silver tab jeans are also a pair to consider. I like these silver tab jeans they look great, the shiny gray silver color makes these work with everyday clothes. But most importantly the regular levis jeans have a nice fit too. And so do these.

These silver tab jeans are also of 100% cotton and you can Machine Wash them without a problem, even tumble dry them. They are pretty light colored though, so you might also want to be careful if your doing some work around the house using these. Any dirt will leave a mark and shows what you have been up to.

Personally to combat the need to wash my jeans often I have a pair of working jeans that I use around the house and during days I know I'm going to do some work. These brand jeans are of a darker color too so any dirt won't show easily. Not completely black but very dark gray brand jeans. And then when I go out or know of days I won't be doing much of any "dirty jobs" I wear my silver tab jeans instead. And this have worked out great for me, very few times have a found myself working in the "wrong" pair of jeans but if that have happened I usually be a bit more careful and then when I have the time go and change.


Can't see them here, what levis jeans are you looking for?

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