If you want to look good there is only one way to go. Get levi jeans, the silver tab jeans have been around for some time now however more and more people have a difficult time finding them. Some places only have limited size silver tab jeans or color, or brand jeans for that matter. So many have started to ask, are these levi jeans discontinued? Where to buy silver tab jeans ?

Don't worry I will help you buy jeans and also help you to find and buy silver tab jeans !

Monday, January 23, 2012

◆ Brand Jeans - Silver Tab Jeans Wipe Out Levi's Men's Shiner Boot Cut Levis Jeans ◆

SilverTab, Silver Tab Jeans, SilverTab Jeans, Levi Jeans, Levi's Jeans, silver tab jeansI was surprised to find myself again searching for a place where to buy silver tab jeans. It seems that in the past months (end of Jan 2011 and the beginning of 2012) clothing stores where you could buy silver tab jeans have disappeared. Not completely thought but from their stock that is,  I think this is only a temporary thing and the clothing stores will stock up on silver tab jeans again soon.

However because some of us (me included) use jeans about 99% of the time,  and prefer to use brand jeans like levis jeans the lack of quality jeans found when you need them is a bit of an inconvenience. And this is especially the case with silver tab jeans in clothing stores around the country and the world for that matter.

However the ones I found this time are some Wipe Out levis jeans here you can see these silver tab jeans are made pretty slim and long legs. The Shiner  Boot Cut Jeans here give you a bit of that "retro  look" also.

The plus side with these Wipe Out levis jeans are if you use your pockets a lot, you can easily reach for what ever you have on you in the back pockets because of their shape. And also you should notice the double stitching especially around the back and front pockets for extra strength.

These Wipe Out silver tab jeans don't have any of the fabric like scratch marks and the like. So if you're looking for to buy jeans these Wipe Out silver tab jeans are also a pair to consider. I like the these silver tab jeans they look great,  the shiny silver color makes these work with everyday clothes. But most importantly the levis jeans have a nice fit too. And so does these. However if you have shorter legs, you may need to have these shortened for you. It’s not a big thing,  but something to take note of.

These Wipe Out silver tab jeans are also of 100% cotton and you can Machine Wash them without a problem, even tumble dry them. They are pretty light colored, s o you might also want to be careful if your doing some work around the house using these.

If your out to buy jeans then you should continue reading.

SilverTab, Silver Tab Jeans, SilverTab Jeans, Levi Jeans, Levi's Jeans, silver tab jeansThe sizes available for these levis jeans are the following. However there are only five numbers available starting with the smallest number for these Wipe Out silver tab jeans listed below.

So with only five number sizes I would agree that there should be many more numbers available, but they still come in the most important numbers from small to pretty big.

And you should not forget here is always the possibility that if you go and buy these levis jeans on the www then there would be a chance that more sizes of the silver tab jeans than the ones listed here would be available in stock.

28W x 32L
32W x 32L
33W x 30L
33W x 32L
34W x 30L

If you are out to buy these on the www. One thing I found was that because of matters unknown to me (maybe because there is a high demand) some clothing stores don't ship outside USA. So that's one thing for you to look out for.

Can't see them here, what levis jeans are you looking for?

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