If you want to look good there is only one way to go. Get levi jeans, the silver tab jeans have been around for some time now however more and more people have a difficult time finding them. Some places only have limited size silver tab jeans or color, or brand jeans for that matter. So many have started to ask, are these levi jeans discontinued? Where to buy silver tab jeans ?

Don't worry I will help you buy jeans and also help you to find and buy silver tab jeans !

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

◆ Buy Jeans - Silver Tab Jeans Are The Bomb When You Can Find Them ◆

buy jeans, silver tab jeans, levi jeansThe Levi's Silver Tab Jeans have an all around great style with both comfort and fit. The silver tab jeans are the best looking jeans Levi's has made and will always be the favorite. Because of that for some the silver tab jeans are the ONLY jeans they will ever wear. Although I'm sure most will wear other clothes also but most of the time I will wear jeans around the house. And when I'm going out, I would just put on a BETTER PAIR!!

If you're anything like me, when I finds something I like, I usually stick with it. I think the silver tab jeans really are great looking levis jeans but they are also a very durable pair of levis jeans made, which is a big plus for many. I don't like to buy jeans that are cheap because most of the time when I buy jeans that are poorly made they tear. So when I do buy jeans I tend to look for durable levi jeans. And because I really like silver tab jeans I tend to buy jeans when I find them. I have been wearing levis jeans as far back as I can remember really. So when I think about it, it's more than just a pair of brand jeans to me, it's a way of life.

However the only problem is finding them, and not only that, finding silver tab jeans in the right size is also a problem. Not to mention tall men jeans that are of the silver tab jeans style. And what about if you are looking to buy jeans with a specific color?

So there is always a catch when you are out to buy jeans it seems, but not to worry. Nowadays you can easily buy jeans on the WWW and the same goes for levis jeans and the silver tab jeans that have been around for a long time already. If you already know the size you need then there isn't really a problem because levis jeans really do have a great and accurate description. Some stores never seem to have the right fit and/or size needed for some and I really feel for people looking for tall men jeans because they are also a bit hard to find. So people are a bit skeptical when they buy jeans I get that, sometimes it's too good to be true. And especially when they buy jeans over the WWW because there isn't any way to try them out before they buy jeans that way. But most that buy levi jeans really, and this goes for silver tab jeans also have a great description and that means that they fit perfectly almost 100% of the time.

Have a look at these great reviews of levi jeans - silver tab jeans : 

"These silver tab  jeans are the best fitting levis jeans I have ever owned...PERIOD!!"

"This is the answer!!  Thanks Levi's for still making a jeans that fits real men!!"

"Stores never seem to have the right fit and/ or size I need. I was skeptical when I made this purchase because I had never tried these on before, but the description was exactly what I needed"

"My husband loves these silver tab jeans they're very comfortable and hold up- to repeated washings well. "

"These silver tab jeans are the ONLY   levis jeans my husband will wear!!!  When he finds something he likes, he sticks with it."

"silver tab jeans are great jeans and they are very durable."

"My two grown boys have worn these silver tab jeans for  YEARS. They are the ones they request time and again."

Now levis jeans along with other do discontinue jeans from time to time. And this is also true for colors and sizes. What is on sale today might not be tomorrow. That's why some people really like to stock up on levis jeans when the do buy jeans because you never know. This is very true when it comes to the silver tab jeans they go fast.. And the "latest fad " is that they come pre worn out when you buy jeans. Now I need to say this, back when I was young it was popular to make you're levis jeans look worn out yourself. It looked cool back then. But I really don't like to buy jeans that are already made to look worn out. 

I see that some like the whole retro worn jeans look ,it's just that for me that have been doing this back in the day myself I don't really like it. If I want that look I would rather do it the old way. Here is some of the different levis jeans.

silver tab jeans Medium Crosshatch (medium light blue) 12.5 oz 201 
silver tab jeans Light Crosshatch (light blue) 12.5 oz 201 
silver tab jeans New Bond (dark blue) 11.5 oz 201 

Can't see them here, what levis jeans are you looking for?

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