◆ Silver Tab Jeans ◆

If you want to look good there is only one way to go. Get levi jeans, the silver tab jeans have been around for some time now however more and more people have a difficult time finding them. Some places only have limited size silver tab jeans or color, or brand jeans for that matter. So many have started to ask, are these levi jeans discontinued? Where to buy silver tab jeans ?

Don't worry I will help you buy jeans and also help you to find and buy silver tab jeans !

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

◆ Good Levis Replacements For Discontinued SilverTab Baggy ◆

The Levi's Men's 559 Relaxed Straight Leg Jean

I wear a size 31W x 34L and I have found that most companies that make jeans, also make some assumptions about you that are based on your waist. Most jeans that fit me in the waist choke me in the crotch and thighs.

For years, the Levi's SilverTab Baggy jeans suited me very well. They were comfortable and durable. They also had a slightly tapered leg, a huge fashion faux pas.

I've now found a wonderful replacement in the Levi's mens 559 Jeans. They have a straight leg, they're reasonably priced, and they look and feel great. Although they are a little tighter in the leg and butt than the SilverTab Baggy Jeans which is a good thing for me.

When I sit down the back of the waist doesn't pooch out, which is also a nice thing.

However I have found that different colors will fit and feel very different. I recently ordered Range Style Color 2765 and Indie Blue Style Color 4258

Levi's Men's 559 Silver Tab Replacement Indie Blue Color Size 31Wx34L
Levi's Men's 559 Indie Blue Color Size 31Wx34L
Both Levi's 559's, and both 31Wx34L. The Range variety were made in Lesotho. They're much looser in the waist and thighs and the denim fabric feels thicker. The Indie Blues were made in Vietnam. They're tighter in the waist and thighs and the material is thinner and stretchier.

I have had a hard time tracking the names of the colors versus the color code. That's frustrating when you want to look at what's in your closet and order the same thing. The jeans have the color code, but nowhere do they say the name of the color! When you go to order online, you get ONLY the name of the color and no color code.

For some reason, Levi's has never posted this information online.

I called Levi's 800 number and got the current list of colors along with their corresponding codes. Please note that the 559's have existed in TWO different style codes. I have been assured that they are both EXACTLY the same cut/style.

Levi's Men's 559 Silver Tab Replacement Indie Blue Color Size 31Wx34L
Levi's Men's 559 Indie Blue Color Size 31Wx34L
Those style numbers are 00559 and 62223. Levi's calls the 62223 code "exclusive." It means that it is manufactured for exclusive sale by a particular retailer. Sometimes, it will be a color that isn't available elsewhere and in the cases I've seen, the 62223's feature a leather label on the back, while the 00559's have the traditional brown paper label. The last 62223's I found were sold at the Levi's flagship retail store in San Francisco's Union Square in 2010.

It is worth noting that not all colors are sold in all sizes. So, if you can't find your size, try another color.

The Fall 2013 Levis 559 Collection

Style   Code | Color Code

00559 | 0733 Sub Zero
00559 | 4010 Tumbled Rigid
00559 | 4258 Indie Blue (Also called "New Indie Blue")
00559 | 0229 Andi
00559 | 0218 Blue Collar
00559 | 2765 Range
00559 | 0239 Black
00559 | 0179 Indigo Wash
00559 | 0277 Tumbled Merlin Grey
00559 | 0303 Midnight Oil
00559 | 0286 Standardize
00559 | 0315 Abstract
00559 | 0314 Super Ash
00559 | 0340 Cash
00559 | 0343 Levine
00559 | 0363 Wellington

00559 | 0369 Chinchilla
00559 | 0370 Graphite

Levi's Men's 559 Silver Tab Replacement Range Color Size 31Wx34L
Levi's Men's 559 Range Color Size 31Wx34L
Levi's Men's 559 Silver Tab Replacement Range Color Size 31Wx34L
Levi's Men's 559 Range Color Size 31Wx34L

Levis 559 colors not manufactured as of Fall 2013

But may still be in stock. They may or may not be manufactured again based on sales, fashion trends, or they may only be available seasonally.

Style Code | Color Code

00559 | 1961 Dark Polish
00559 | 3966 Clean Light
00559 | 0001 Cloud
00559 | 0002 Slick Dark
00559 | 0003 Rigid Scrubbed
00559 | 0004 Harbor
00559 | 0162 Placid
00559 | 0168 Bluejay
00559 | 1274 Stray Cat
00559 | 0177 Vista
00559 | 0178 Medium Chipped (Used to be 0179)
00559 | 4257 Overhaul
00559 | 0190 Blue Frost
00559 | 0201 House Cat
00559 | 0203 Green Frost
00559 | 0216 Gaslight
00559 | 0217 Silver Fox
62223 | 0069 Phase Out
62223 | 0067 Low Tide
62223 | 0066 Indie Blue, AKA New Indie Blue

62223 | 0065 New Tumbled Rigid
62223 | 0178 Medium Chipped
62223 | 0177 Vista

Levi's Men's 559 Sizes

28W x 30L (Not In Stock)
28W x 32L (Not In Stock)
29W x 30L
29W x 32L
30W x 30L
30W x 32L
30W x 34L (Not In Stock)
31W x 30L
31W x 32L
31W x 34L
32W x 30L
32W x 32L
32W x 34L
32W x 36L
33W x 30L
33W x 32L
33W x 34L
34W x 30L
34W x 32L
34W x 34L
34W x 36L
34W x 38L (Not In Stock)
35W x 32L (Not In Stock)
36W x 30L
36W x 32L
36W x 34L
36W x 36L
36W x 38L (Not In Stock)
38W x 30L
38W x 32L
38W x 34L
40W x 30L
40W x 32L
42W x 30L
42W x 32L
44W x 30L
44W x 32L
48W x 30L (Not In Stock)
48W x 34L (Not In Stock)
54W x 29L (Not In Stock)
58W x 32L (Not In Stock)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

◆ Levis Stonewash Silver Tab Jeans Mens Size 30x34 ◆

Levis Stonewash silver tabsThere's no question about it, these days it's really hard to find silver tab jeans. Most stores are all out of stock and only very few have brand new ones left in stock.

But you can still find silver tab jeans for sale if you know where to go. If however you aren't very picky there are people selling silver tab jeans that are in very good condition. Yes they would be slightly used and have some wear, but it really is surprising to see how well the silver tabs have aged if treated with proper care.

Here we have a very nice pair of vintage Stonewash silver tab jeans for men for sale that are a bit used but looks really, really well. Finding these with the measurements. Inside leg 34" with a waist of 30”. And the real deal 100% Cotton material and machine washable.

These are the ordinary Silver Tab Loose fit style in a stone wash with front button fastening. The color is more of a light gray color and the denim fabric look well.

Levis silver tab jeans stonewash buttons
Because of the age if you look close on the front buttons on these silver tab jeans, you can see that the buttons do have some rust on them. And it's nothing much you can do about it really. It does not take much of moisture to cause this to the buttons over time in storage.

It's not all said and done however, it should be an easy fix with some rust remover on these buttons. Just apply carefully a bit on the buttons and let it sit for a while and then go in and wipe it clean. If done right you should at least get the rust off and have a button looking better.

Sure there are a few different ways to go about this, but I really don't think it should discurage anyone from buying the jeans, especially when silver tab jeans are getting so rare these days. To be honest I don't see many stonewash silver tab jeans come up for sale.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

◆ Levis Brand Failure of Silver Tab Jeans ◆

Levi's is, without a doubt a classic brand. Originally produced by a Bavarian immigrant in the dying years of the battle for the American West,  Levi's jeans now have an iconic significance across the globe.

Indeed in many ways Levi's have come to define the very essence of the word "Brand" better than any other product. As advertising journalist Bob Garfield has written "in literal tearms, it's damn near the only true brand out there, burned into a thong of leather and stitched to the waistband".

In it's September 2002 edition, the UK version of Esquire magazine heralded Levi's as the ultimate clothing brand and a staple to the worldwide wardrobe.

The secret behind enduring magic and sucess of Levi's has been it's ability to symbolise both ubiquity and uniqueness simultaneously. No other brand has managed to become part of the system (part of the President's wardrobe even) while retaining a defining element of rebellion, revolution and counter-culture. Levi's are both fashion and anti-fashion. Just try to name someone you know who dosen't own at least one pair.

However, despite it's continued ubiquity the Levi's brand has had a rocky ride in recent times, having watched sales slip from US $7.9 billion in 1996 to US $4.3 billion in 2001 and then further dip to $4.1 billin in 2009.

As with most brand crises, the problem for Levi's have been numerous. To understand them fully, it is necessary to appriciate the company's branding strategy. Levi's CEO Roberth Haas told The Financial Times in 1998 (ironically one of the most uncomfortable of years for the brand)

"We are in the comfort bussiness. I don't just mean physical comfort. I mean we are providing psychological comfort - the feeling of security that when you enter a room of strangers or even work colleagues, you are attired within the brand of acceptablility. Although what a consumer defines as psychological comfort may vary from sub-segment to sub-segment."

The key phrase here it the last one, "from sub-segment to sub-segment." In it's attempts to be sensitive to various fluctuations of taste among the denim-wearing public, Levi's has diversified it's brand by creating a wide range of jeans styles. Most significantly, it has branched out beyond it's traditional "red label" jeans and introduced a new sub-brand called "Silvertab". The company has also producend a cheaper range of jeans with orange tags.
Futhermore the advertising campaign used to promote the Silvertab range in 2001 was among the most hated in recent history. Ad Age called the campaign "insulting" and claimed it "lacked branding". Similarly, in 2002 the ads to promote Levi's low-rise jeans achived an equally negatice reception among certain critics.

However not all the problems have been of Levi's maknig. For instance it could do little to curb the rise of designer jeans such as those produced by Calvin Klein, Diesel and Tommy Hilfiger. All Levi's could do in the face of such competition was to try to preserve the integrity of it's brand. Even here the brand ran into difficulty. In the UK the start of the new millennium saw Levi's become engaged in a very public battle with Tesco's supermarket. Tesco's claimed that consumers were paying too much for their Levi's and the supermarket wanted to sell Levi's in it's own stores with a narrower profit margin. Levi's refused to sell it's premium jeans such as 501s via the supermarket and went to court to stop imports from outside Europe.

"Our brand is our most important asset", explained Joe Middleton, Levi's European president. "It's more valuable than all the other assets on our ballance sheet. It's more valuable than our factories, our buildings, our wearhouses and our inverntory. We must have the right to control the destiny of our brand."

Even the UK governmnet joined in attempting to persuade the European Union to allow supermarkets like Tesco's to import goods from anywhere in the world. However, Levi's insisted that Tescos's was missing the point, confusing the cost of making the jeans with the cost of marketing them. "The important point" said Middelton,  "is that all these costs are an investment in the brand. The true costs of making this jean is not just the factory element. It's much more than that." The UK governmnet keen to eradicate the image of "Rip-off Britain" was remained on the supermaket's side, and it looks like Levi's will eventually lose the battle.

Despite all these unfortunate external factors, there is no escaping the fact that the real threat to the Levi's brand is generated from Levi's itself. Now that it is locked in an endless quest to appear "innovative" and "youtfull" by launching a growing number of new styles,  Levi's is now proving the law of diminishing returns. The marketing expense continues to grow, while the true brand value diminishes.

The view within the business world has been articulated by Kurt Barnard, publisher of Barnard's Retail Trend Report, in The Financial Times in 2001. "Levi's is basically a troubled company" he said. "Although their name is hallowed in American history, few people these days wear Levi's jeans" In 2000 the company failded to make the top 75 global brands by value according to the Interbrand 2000 Brand Valuation Survey.

Sources: Brand Failures - The biggest 100 branding mistakes of all time. The Financial Times. Esquire Magazine. Levi's Press Releases.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

◆ Brand Jeans - Really Rare Silver Tab Jeans Women's Levi's Dark Wash Levis Blue Jeans ◆

Hello everyone!

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I was out looking today and found these nice silver tab jeans and by first glance these must be really rare because I have not seen this type of silver tab jeans before. This is starting out to be a great 2013 year and if you look close on these photos I'm sure you will think the same.

Now the brand and logo does look real and the triangle silver tab button is seen too in the photo. The size of these levi’s jeans are around 31” inseam regular women’s 7L with a high waist. They are medium or Indigo Wash Jeans for women with the color Dark Wash, basically blue jeans with nice stitchings. These brand jeans even have a yellow stitching which is a nice touch for levis jeans I think.

It’s fun to come across levi brand jeans like this because it’s not like you find nice hard to find levi jeans in every store around either,  if you are out buying jeans for yourself or buying blue jeans for family. And that reminds me I should take the time and buy jeans for my family soon also.

 Well I have to keep this a bit short today,  enjoy these rare jeans I found and I’ll make sure share some more great jeans finds in the future.

brand jeans, buy jeans, clothing stores, Color, Dark Wash, levi jeans, levis jeans, nice jean, Really Rare, silver tab jeans, Size
brand jeans, buy jeans, clothing stores, Color, Dark Wash, levi jeans, levis jeans, nice jean, Really Rare, silver tab jeans, Size

Friday, September 7, 2012

◆ Old Levis SilverTab Jeans Poster and Brad Pitt TV Commercial ◆

Hi folks,

SilverTab Jeans 1991 poster buy levis jeans for sale where to findWell it's Friday today!! And I just happened to find a really old SilverTab Jeans poster from 1991 and wanted to share that with you. It's a really nice looking one too!

It's from County Seat, The Jeans Store and the advertisement is showing a guy posing in Silver Tab Jeans (trying to send you the message that blue jeans silver tab jeans are great looking and you must go and buy levis jeans right now..)

It's a nice Silvertab Jeans poster don't you think?

Now I did mention this print is from 1991, making it pretty old (over 22 years when 2013 comes along in a few months from now). However there was more going on in 1991 than I could remember.. Well it just so happens that in 1991, big movie star Brad Pitt also did a Levi's Jeans commercial on TV jeans for men. This commercial I do remember now when looking at it. Please do watch this because it's pretty good too. It starts off with Brad Pitt not wearing any levi jeans at all! Of course it ends with him putting some blue levis jeans on again but I thought you wanted to know.

It's funny how you remember things like this.. Something you briefly I saw on TV over 20 years ago sparks a light in you're head and you go oh I remember this one! Oh and in case someone wants to know what song is playing in this Levi's Jeans Commercial it's a song called T-rex - 20th centruy boy. Wonder if T-rex also wear levi jeans?

Well gotta run, have a nice weekend folks and enjoy this nice little piece of Levi's Jeans history. Check and see about jeans for women also.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

◆ Brand Jeans - Men's Silver Tab Jeans 32x34 Light Gray Boot Cut ◆

Hi folks,

It's in the middle of the summer June 2012 and guess what I found :) A pair of very nice looking Silver Tab Jeans on display, yay!

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Front and Back Light Gray Silver Tab Jeans Brand Jeans - Levis Jeans
I found these levis jeans here and not only that, they are the real thing too, some old levi's silver tab jeans are hard to come by these days, so this find made me extra happy. Now they do have some wear but it's nothing that anyone would notice, you would have to look pretty close to even spot the wear on these levis jeans and when worn it's almost impossible.

Anyhow I guess you can already tell that this pair is light gray in color looking at the picture, also made a video displaying these. But look at the picture instead because it's of higher resolution. I'm not sure what other name these levis jeans go by other than light gray silver tab jeans but they do look a lot like the Vintage Worn Silver Tab Jeans that I made a post about earlier. If you're looking for to buy jeans that look like these light gray silver tab jeans then you should check out the Vintage Worn Silver Tab Jeans also.

Oh I almost forgot to mention the size of these silver tab jeans on display. These silver tab brand jeans are of regular size 32x34 and they are boot cut too.

These silver tab jeans don't have any of the fabric like scratch marks that you can find today on many brand jeans so if you're looking for to buy jeans these light gray silver tab jeans are also a pair to consider. I like these silver tab jeans they look great, the shiny gray silver color makes these work with everyday clothes. But most importantly the regular levis jeans have a nice fit too. And so do these.

These silver tab jeans are also of 100% cotton and you can Machine Wash them without a problem, even tumble dry them. They are pretty light colored though, so you might also want to be careful if your doing some work around the house using these. Any dirt will leave a mark and shows what you have been up to.

Personally to combat the need to wash my jeans often I have a pair of working jeans that I use around the house and during days I know I'm going to do some work. These brand jeans are of a darker color too so any dirt won't show easily. Not completely black but very dark gray brand jeans. And then when I go out or know of days I won't be doing much of any "dirty jobs" I wear my silver tab jeans instead. And this have worked out great for me, very few times have a found myself working in the "wrong" pair of jeans but if that have happened I usually be a bit more careful and then when I have the time go and change.


Monday, January 23, 2012

◆ Brand Jeans - Silver Tab Jeans Wipe Out Levi's Men's Shiner Boot Cut Levis Jeans ◆

SilverTab, Silver Tab Jeans, SilverTab Jeans, Levi Jeans, Levi's Jeans, silver tab jeansI was surprised to find myself again searching for a place where to buy silver tab jeans. It seems that in the past months (end of Jan 2011 and the beginning of 2012) clothing stores where you could buy silver tab jeans have disappeared. Not completely thought but from their stock that is,  I think this is only a temporary thing and the clothing stores will stock up on silver tab jeans again soon.

However because some of us (me included) use jeans about 99% of the time,  and prefer to use brand jeans like levis jeans the lack of quality jeans found when you need them is a bit of an inconvenience. And this is especially the case with silver tab jeans in clothing stores around the country and the world for that matter.

However the ones I found this time are some Wipe Out levis jeans here you can see these silver tab jeans are made pretty slim and long legs. The Shiner  Boot Cut Jeans here give you a bit of that "retro  look" also.

The plus side with these Wipe Out levis jeans are if you use your pockets a lot, you can easily reach for what ever you have on you in the back pockets because of their shape. And also you should notice the double stitching especially around the back and front pockets for extra strength.

These Wipe Out silver tab jeans don't have any of the fabric like scratch marks and the like. So if you're looking for to buy jeans these Wipe Out silver tab jeans are also a pair to consider. I like the these silver tab jeans they look great,  the shiny silver color makes these work with everyday clothes. But most importantly the levis jeans have a nice fit too. And so does these. However if you have shorter legs, you may need to have these shortened for you. It’s not a big thing,  but something to take note of.

These Wipe Out silver tab jeans are also of 100% cotton and you can Machine Wash them without a problem, even tumble dry them. They are pretty light colored, s o you might also want to be careful if your doing some work around the house using these.

If your out to buy jeans then you should continue reading.

SilverTab, Silver Tab Jeans, SilverTab Jeans, Levi Jeans, Levi's Jeans, silver tab jeansThe sizes available for these levis jeans are the following. However there are only five numbers available starting with the smallest number for these Wipe Out silver tab jeans listed below.

So with only five number sizes I would agree that there should be many more numbers available, but they still come in the most important numbers from small to pretty big.

And you should not forget here is always the possibility that if you go and buy these levis jeans on the www then there would be a chance that more sizes of the silver tab jeans than the ones listed here would be available in stock.

28W x 32L
32W x 32L
33W x 30L
33W x 32L
34W x 30L

If you are out to buy these on the www. One thing I found was that because of matters unknown to me (maybe because there is a high demand) some clothing stores don't ship outside USA. So that's one thing for you to look out for.

Can't see them here, what levis jeans are you looking for?

Custom Search

UPDATE: Levi's Partners SilverTab Stock

Due to our many partners I can not keep you updated on who currently still have Silver Tab Jeans avaliable in stock, I suggest your best bet is to check back here often for the best offers. The 2016 jeans season is currently about to take off and the demand is as expected to be very high. I have been receiving emails that some of you are having difficulty finding Silver Tab Jeans. I can only confirm that this is true, as of mid 2012 there have been a high demand for Silver Tab Jeans and some of our partners got empty stocks. These have instead suggested, as a temporary solution you could try and buy Levi's Jeans that are similar instead of the real deal Silver Tab Jeans. Because of this I will try and keep you updated and be sure to share any great deals and offers that our partners currently have for the season.

The perils of buying levis jeans - Thoughts and story about silver tab jeans

Usually when I go to the store to buy jeans I find myself walking around and looking for quite some time. It's the price that I look at, how the jeans themselves look, are they durable jeans, pre worn jeans. I compare levis jeans, and this is totally normal. Everyone does this but it takes time. And all this is because I don't want to waste money on a pair that's not right for me. This is more true if I look for brand jeans and certainly the case if you are after tall men jeans or silver tab jeans. People notice you wear levi jeans, it's no question about it. There are many jeans like levis silvertab jeans but there are very few jeans comparable to levi's silvertab. Even jeans that should be the same or very similar as levis silvertab baggy jeans for instance are different. They might look right at first glance however you really do feel the difference in wearing them. This is also true for the silver tab 560 jeans, if you find a place that have these go ahead and try them out. If you have an old pair of the jeans to compare with then you should notice what I'm talking about. If you wonder where to buy levis silver tab 560 jeans many stores that does have them used to also carry the old silver tabs.

So I find myself spending a lot of time looking around to buy jeans and looking for which are the best ones to buy. But sometimes I go out empty handed, because I simply can't find any levis jeans that I like. This would be the best case scenario when I buy jeans because sometimes I only need one glance at what's for sale and can pretty fast determine if there are any I like at all. If not then that trip to the store to buy jeans was all done in vain. Well probably not but it's a let down when you don't find what you are looking for, right?

Like I have said before, when I do buy jeans and find a pair of levis jeans I like I tend to stick with them. And if they are durable silver tab jeans I can have them for years. Sure they get worn with time, however the retro look with worn jeans are not an uncommon sight and pretty nice in it's own way. So I guess I'm not the only one. When I think about it, I get attached to jeans I like. That is why when I do need to buy jeans I really look hard and long for another new pair that feels the same as the old pair. You really tend to start and compare your silver tab jeans to every other pair of levis jeans and brand jeans

Now this was then (the buy jeans part), nowadays it's much easier because you can now buy jeans even tall men jeans with ease. And I know that some of you have a hard time with that. OK it still can be a problem with finding any you like, but with the WWW and al,l it sure beats to run around looking to buy jeans the "old fashioned way" walking around in stores all day. However when you buy jeans over the WWW there is a whole new aspect you get into. When you buy jeans that way you can't really tell if they will fit you before you get them, but actually it's not to big of a problem you can always send them back and get another size.

Lately I have been getting a lot of question like these:

are silver tab jeans discontinued
does levis still make silver tab jeans?
where can i buy silvertab jeans 36w x 30l
what number are silvertab jeans
silvertab jeans discontinued
jeans like silvertab
levi silver tab 42w 36l monte carlo
levis silver tab jeans
levis silvertab baggy jeans 42w 36l
levi silver tab keans with black label on back

It's even come to that now that instead of people looking for actuall silver tab jeans they are now even looking to buy jeans that are like silver tab jeans this is not an option. And so because people have a very difficult time in finding the right pair or number and even size of levis jeans when they are out to buy jeans this I can understand is becoming frustrating and I can't blame them. silver tab jeans are a bit tricky to find just because they are sometimes limited to the WWW. It's much easier to find buy jeans that way because they have a large stock of levis jeans because they have a much bigger market. This is a good thing for you because that means their stock of levis jeans are so much bigger with more avaliable sizes and numbers and also this helps to keep the prices down which is one factor that comes into play when local stores are restocking with brand jeans and levis jeans they are not going to buy a bunch of brand jeans or silver tab jeans that only few people are willing buy in the end when they look at the prices. So people really need to be looking for to buy jeans elsewhere instead of trying to find them at a local store that once sold silver tab jeans it's so much easier just because of the price, size and number issues we are dealing with here.

I can help you, what I need you to do is to try and find a good store that meets all of the above criteria and I have a great selection right here at the top of the page. Go have a look and if there is anything at all go ahead drop me an email.